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Hiker Rescues Injured Dog From 1,000-Foot-High Trail in Hawaii


A dog returned to her owner, thanks to the courageous actions of an Oahu hiker in Hawaii. He happened to be in the right place at the right time, as he stumbled upon a lost and injured canine during his training session at an Oahu trail. This led to a remarkable rescue effort, as he courageously brought the dog down the trail.

Lost, injured dog rescued on Oahu Trail by ultra-runner

An Oahu hiker helped rescue a lost and injured pet on the night of Feb. 28, as per Hawaii News Now. Sergio Florian, an ultra-runner, encountered the distressed dog while training on a hazardous trail in the Kaaawa area in Oahu. 

Florian described the incident, saying, “I just went up there like I usually do for my training run. And as I was nearing the top, around 800-1000 feet of elevation…and there she was quivering.” In addition, he mentioned the dog was “in between two cliffs.”

Stevie, the dog, had multiple injuries on her face. According to speculations, the dog got lost while chasing pigs in the area.

In Florian’s words, “She was in pretty bad shape. She was very skinny and dehydrated and had all these cuts on her.” Thus, Florian knew that he had to save her in whatever way he could. 

He emphasized the vital role of his familiarity with the terrain in rescuing the puppy. Moreover, he asserted that without his extensive knowledge of the area, the rescue would have been impossible.

Florian recounted the daunting task of carrying Stevie, who weighed approximately 40 pounds. He explained how he held onto the cliff with one hand while supporting Stevie’s weight underneath her belly, maneuvering carefully down the rocky surface. Despite the challenge, he summoned all his strength to safely bring her to safety.

Once they reached the ground, Florian took Stevie to his home and cared for her. At last, he successfully found Stevie’s owner through a Facebook community page. 

Subsequently, the dog returned to her owner and she is now well. Florian expressed gratitude for overcoming the challenges and said his training enabled him to save the animal. 


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