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High School Graduate Launches Mobile Gym To Keep Dogs Fit

Exercise is essential for everyone, even for our pet dogs. Shyler Mecham, a recent Springville High School graduate, runs Bark n’ Go, a mobile gym tailored for dogs, as Fox 13 reports. Mecham shared, “Most of them love it. The dog does it all. If they want to slow down, they slow down. If they want to stop, they stop.”

Within Mecham’s climate-controlled van, there are a couple of European-imported treadmills devoid of motors. The treadmill belt speed is entirely controlled by the dog.
“It’s really fun to see the dogs get excited on it and sprint their hearts out,” Mecham exclaimed.

Mecham collaborates with approximately 100 dogs, primarily in southern Utah County. Pet owners opt for her service to avoid harsh weather conditions, such as ice-covered sidewalks in winter or blazing heat in summer that can harm a dog’s paws on hot asphalt.

Additionally, the treadmills serve as a means to enhance health and manage weight. Mecham highlighted a success story where one of her furry clients shed seven pounds through workout sessions.

Mecham won business pitch competition

At 20 years old, Mecham conceived of the business concept while enrolled at Snow College. She explained, “They had a business pitch competition, and I entered it with this idea, and I ended up winning.” Continuing, she added, “I won a little bit of money, and I used that money to buy a treadmill.”

In a remarkably short time, Mecham has rapidly grown her mobile gym business for dogs, now boasting two treadmills housed within her spacious van.

In addition to running her small business, Mecham juggles the roles of student and full-time employee. Despite her packed schedule, she volunteers at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. There, she consistently engages in a heartwarming endeavor, taking dogs out of their cages and guiding them on treadmills.

“It’s definitely been rewarding,” she stated. “There’s been one or two dogs that I absolutely loved and have gotten adopted.”

Mecham aims to expand her client base, complete her college degree, and solidify Bark n’ Go as her lifelong career. She is free of any doubts regarding managing her business and is ready to take charge with full motivation.

In her words, “The van was a big leap of faith, and it was scary.” She further added, “I’ve just had a lot of fun. I’ve gotten to know a lot of really, really cool people, made a lot of cool connections, and learned a lot of things. So, that was totally worth it.”

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