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Heroic Pit Bull Saves Tennessee Family from House Fire

Written by aslmad.yaz

A heroic Pit Bull saved a Chattanooga family from a devastating house fire early Tuesday morning. The dog’s bravery and quick action allowed the family to escape quickly.

Heroic Pit Bull springs into action

Early Tuesday morning, a Pit Bull named Jack woke his dad by licking his face. The dog’s action quickly alerted him that something was wrong, giving the family enough time to escape.

“When his father smelled smoke, he rushed to get other family members out of the burning building,” The Chattanoogan shared.

“Thanks to their dog, they all got out alive as flames engulfed the residence,” the Chattanooga Fire Department posted on Facebook.

Emergency personnel arrived at the location around 8:20 a.m., according to authorities, after an off-duty Walker County firefighter noticed the raging fire and dialed 911. Officials stated that the fire crew worked to quickly put out the fire and prevent flames from spreading into the neighborhood because the residence was so close to neighboring homes.

“Engine 9 could see black smoke from their fire hall as they were responding to the call and as they approached the scene, they could see flames extending 15 feet above the house,” officials stated. “Engine 9 reported a fully involved house fire with multiple exposures.”

According to the fire department’s Facebook post, firefighters had to put up with “multiple small explosions from the burning contents” of the home and remove tires around it to prevent them from catching fire. The fire harmed no additional residences, but it took the fire department several hours to thoroughly put it out.

Appreciation for courageous dog shared on social media

Heroic pit bull named Jack with his dad
(Photo credit: Chattanooga Fire Department via Facebook)

Facebook users commented on the post, expressing appreciation for the brave dog for saving his family from the fire. While some shared sympathy for the family’s loss of their house, multiple comments praised the dog. Some even remarked on Jack’s breed, dedicating love to Pit Bulls.

“Pitties are amazing!!! The OG true protector. This is amazing!! Jack deserves a nice steak tonight for being a hero. That could’ve ended waaayy worse,” one Facebook user stated.

“Jack THE PIT BULL. Quit leaving this fact out! What an amazing breed when raised in love,” another said.

Fortunately, there were no injuries from the incident. The Red Cross is assisting those impacted by the fire.

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