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Henry Cavill’s Dog ‘Kal’ Gave Approval for Argylle Actor’s Cat Co-Star

British actor Henry Cavill has recently revealed a hilarious moment with his pet dog, Kal, while making the new action-comedy film, “Argylle.” The situation arose when the actor introduced a new “cat co-star” into his life.

Henry Cavill’s dog’s reaction to actor’s cat co-star

Henry Cavill, well-known for his roles in movies such as “Man of Steel” and the Netflix series “The Witcher,” has been entertaining audiences in Matthew Vaughn’s action-comedy movie, “Argylle.” His co-star in the film is not just the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard but also a surprise feline friend.

“Argylle” sees Bryce Dallas Howard portraying Ellie Conway, a spy thriller writer who accidentally embarks on a real-life espionage adventure when the plot of one of her books reflects the truth. Henry Cavill stars as the character “Argylle” in her book. Ellie and her cat Alfie cross paths with Aiden (Sam Rockwell), who assists Ellie through a series of sudden and dangerous encounters.

In an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, Cavill and Rockwell talked about their experiences when shooting the exciting train fight sequence in “Argylle.” Alongside detailing the tough challenges like managing an Ivan Drago-style haircut and dancing with pop sensation Dua Lipa, Cavill shared updates on his forthcoming projects including “Highlander” and “Warhammer.”

Weintraub couldn’t help but inquire about Cavill’s pet dog’s reaction to him working alongside a cat. After all, the dog is quite the celebrity among Cavill’s fans and on his social media accounts.

Cavill, addressing this important question, responded, “Well, thankfully I had [in] my contract not to have too much interaction with the cat. And so Kal went, ‘That’s fine. I’ll allow it.’” Given that Kal is a “very large dog,” Cavill adds, the revelation came without any issue.

The furry buddy seems to approve his owner’s new role, after making sure it did not entail too much cat interaction!

You can now catch Argylle in theaters.

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