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‘Head Shake Stick Flip’ Dog Trick Goes Viral on TikTok


One thing the internet definitely loves is watching a dog trick. While many dog tricks have become common, one dog has recently blown the minds of TikTok users with a “Head Shake Stick Flip” trick. 

Watch the ‘Head Shake Stick Flip’ dog trick video

In a viral TikTok video, viewers can see a dog doing a wonderful trick with a stick. The Internet has coined the trick as the “Head Shake Stick Flip.” The delightful action has gained widespread attention and admiration for the sheer creativity and the canine’s undeniable talent. 

Watch the viral TikTok here:

The talented dog in the video seems to be a Border Collie who is on a beach. Their amazing dog trick involves throwing his stick in the air while shaking his head and then catching the stick on the flip side before it falls, all in one sweeping motion. Moreover, the dog is drifting on the beach while doing all of this. 

After performing the trick, the furry animal even does something akin to a “moonwalk.” The post owner addresses this as they wrote in the caption, “The forward moonwalk after.”

TikTok account @skillakilla00 shared the video to their thousands of followers. This account regularly posts cool and edited videos of others. That said, their dog trick video is one of their most watched videos, with more than 2.6 million views. In addition, the post has garnered over 356K likes. 

People have shown a lot of love to this video in the comments section as well. A TikTok user, Kn1ght, amusingly wrote, “Sweating at fetch is insane.” Another user, TerraDex, commented, “You missed that he was drifting while he did those things.”

The captivating TikTok video featuring the “Head Shake Stick Flip” trick has undoubtedly left viewers in awe of the canine’s impressive skills. Moreover, the addition of a playful “moonwalk” further adds to the charm of the performance. The video’s virality serves as a testament to the incredible abilities of our four-legged companions and their skills at bringing joy to audiences of all ages.


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