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Has the Dog Food Brand Issued a Recall in 2024?


With recent recalls casting a shadow over the pet food industry, worries about the safety of canine nutrition have surged. Throughout 2024, several prominent brands grabbed headlines as they initiated voluntary recalls, shedding light on potential contamination issues in their products. As pet owners grapple with these uncertainties, questions have arisen regarding the reliability of Farmer’s Dog food line, and whether they have faced a food recall.

Here’s all the essential information to keep you updated.

Has The Farmer’s Dog recalled its dog food in 2024?

Dog parents can rest assured that the Farmer’s Dog product line has maintained a clean slate in 2024, with no food recall reports. Moreover, there have been no documented instances of canine illnesses associated with their recent product. You can feed this food to your furry companion with confidence, knowing they’re consuming food from a reliable brand. 

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to remain vigilant, as not all dog food recalls receive extensive publicity. For the latest updates on dog food recalls in 2024, visit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. 

When was the last The Farmer’s Dog food recall?

The Farmer’s Dog food has never experienced a recall, which is good news for dog owners. In addition, the primary ingredient of this dog food is turkey, which contains the ten essential amino acids crucial for a dog’s sustenance. 

Following turkey, the recipe incorporates chickpeas, which belong to the fiber-rich legume family. However, it’s worth noting that chickpeas boast around 22% protein content, impacting the overall meat composition evaluation of this dog food. 

Other ingredients include carrots, broccoli, and spinach, offering additional nutritional value to the recipe. 

So, judging solely by its ingredients, The Farmer’s Dog is an exceptional wet product. Collectively, the brand boasts an average protein content of 39% and a mean fat level of 27%. These statistics indicate an estimated carbohydrate content of 26% across the entire product line. 


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