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Has the Dog Food Brand Issued a Recall in 2024?


Every dog owner wants to ensure they feed their canine companion safe, good quality dog foods. Therefore, when news of dog food recalls hit the airwaves, it can be quite unsettling for pet owners, given the direct impact that food has on the health and overall wellbeing of our four-legged friends.

A dog food brand may issue a voluntary recall if they discover a quality or safety problem with their product. In other cases, the Food and Drug Administration may initiate the recall, to which the pet food manufacturer must comply. In the recent past, multiple famous dog food brands have been subject to recalls. Unfortunately, some of these recalls were linked to illnesses and deaths.

In 2024, some companies have recalled some of their products for a variety of reasons. Is there a Cesar dog food recall at the moment? Here’s what you need to know.

Has Cesar recalled its dog food in 2024?

Fortunately, none of Cesar’s dog food products are under recall in 2024. This means that, so far, all foods manufactured by Cesar have met the FDA’s quality and safety standards and are, therefore, safe for consumption by your dog.

Currently, there are no confirmed reports of canines who’ve become sick or died after eating any of Cesar’s dog foods. Furthermore, the FDA has not released any reports confirming they’ve notified Cesar to issue a recall.

For accurate, trustworthy information on dog food brands that have recalled their products in 2024, we recommend you visit the Food and Drug Administration website.

When was the last Cesar dog food recall?

Cesar last issued a recall in October 2016 after it was established that their Cesar Classics Filet Mignon wet dog food had pieces of plastic.

These foreign objects posed a choking hazard to dogs, hence the recall. Multiple customers reported finding the plastic pieces in their dog’s food. Thankfully, no illnesses or choking-related deaths were reported.


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