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Harry Potter Fan Names Dog ‘Dobby,’ Teaches Him Magic Spells

An avid Harry Potter fan from Toronto has trained her pet dog to respond to a unique set of commands: iconic spells from J.K. Rowling’s beloved wizarding world. This charming intersection of canine training and pop culture magic has brought the dog massive social media attention.

Wizarding World enthusiast trains dog to perform magical spells

Three-year-old Labradoodle, Dobby — named after the enchanting house-elf from the Potter franchise — is no ordinary pet. Forget the common instructions like “sit,” “stay,” or “leave;” Dobby prefers to converse in a language familiar only to wizarding fans, interpreting cues such as “accio,” “stupefy,” and “immobulus” with remarkable ease.

Audriana Li, Dobby’s proud trainer, delighted in transforming conventional canine instructions into whimsical Potteresque alternatives. While explaining to Newsweek, she said that associating commands with magical jargon did not affect the learning process, stating Dobby “associates the motion with a Harry Potter spell instead.”

Li takes pleasure in their playful routine. Dobby’s crate, comically named “Azkaban” after the prison in the Harry Potter series, often invites chuckles when Dobby enthusiastically darts inside at the command, “Go to Azkaban.” Similarly, “Avada Kedavra” — typically a sinister killing curse in Rowling’s books, induces fits of laughter when interpreted by Dobby as an invitation to “play dead,” with extended legs and a fervently wagging tail.

Social media enthusiasts have lapped up this delightful blend of fiction and reality. Li often shares the tricks she’s taught Dobby on Instagram (@dobbyisafreedoodle), and a video demonstrating 15 Harry Potter spells has garnered more than 28.6 million views to date.

Though Dobby has shown remarkable wizarding potential, Li intends to expand his spell arsenal with even more creative commands. However, she revealed, “Petrificus Totalus” has been the most difficult trick by far.

In less than a year, Dobby has gained quite the following. His lovable charm has stolen the hearts of Potterheads worldwide, and perhaps Dobby’s journey might eventually lead to the magical world of Hogwarts itself. As the official Harry Potter account aptly commented, “He must know incendio because our hearts just melted.”

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