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Guide Dog Retires After Fathering More Than 300 Puppies


A dog named Trigger is retiring from the breeding program of Guide Dogs, a nonprofit charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to assisting individuals with vision impairment. However, his remarkable contribution to the breeding program during his time has earned him the nickname “Dogfather.”

Guide dog nicknamed ‘Dogfather’ officially retires after fathering about 300 pups

Trigger, the 9-year-old Golden Retriever, has fathered more than 300 puppies, as CBS News reports. In a news release, the charity mentioned, “Trigger’s legacy can be seen in the independence and confidence his progeny has brought to the lives of blind and partially sighted people all over Britain.” 

Trigger has sired numerous guide dogs across various cities in the U.K., such as London, Glasgow, and Cardiff. In addition, two of his litters were born overseas, one in France and another in the Netherlands. 

Guide Dogs reported that the nonprofit had bred 294 puppies. Meanwhile, 29 others were bred through assistance dog charities and guide dog schools. So, this had brought Trigger’s total offspring count to 323. 

Accordingly, he has fathered 39 litters, with one in 2021 producing a record-breaking 16 puppies. 

Additionally, Trigger’s final litter consisted of five daughters and a son. Their names are Jenny, Hermoine, Rita, Indy, Sandy, and Billy. These 8-week-old puppies mark the end of the “Triglets,” a term given to Trigger’s offspring. 

Janine Dixon, head of the organization’s breeding operations, praised the dog for his “wonderful, gentle nature” and “excellent health.” She also called him an invaluable asset to the breeding program. 

In Dixon’s words, “We can’t overstate the impact that Trigger has in helping us to provide so many guide dogs for people with sight loss.” Adding, she said, “Nine of his daughters and son Pierre will help bring forward a new generation of guide dogs.” 

Trigger will now reside in Banbury, England with Sarah Byrne. Byrne is a breeding dog volunteer, who has been Trigger’s caretaker for the past seven years. She will now officially adopt the senior dog. 


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