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Great Pyrenees Befriends Black Bear in Massachusetts Backyard


A Great Pyrenees came face to face with a black bear in the backyard of his Massachusetts home. The animal encounter was captured on video and made local news headlines.

Great Pyrenees gets up close and personal with black bear

Lars is a 110-pound Great Pyrenees who lives with the Dunn family in a home on Jerusalem Road in Cohasset. Recently, the big white dog encountered a black bear in the backyard. In the video, Lars stands on the lawn opposite the black bear, which is in a body of water. A row of plants separates the two massive animals. Lars seems curious and wags his long-haired tail while the bear glares.

“It was — holy moly!” dog dad Vincent Dunn told WCVB News. “I haven’t seen a black bear even in Alaska, never mind in Cohasset.”

Dunn said that while Lars kept the encounter friendly, the bear was growling.

“He was not all that excited to see Lars,” Dunn said.

Dunn retrieved Lars by the collar and brought him back into the house.

“I thought about it for a second, then I was like: ‘I don’t want this to go south,’” Dunn said.

The bear ran off shortly thereafter.

“Climbed down these rocks and into the pond. He started swimming and swam right across, and then just ambled into the woods like he owned the place,” Dunn said.

According to the news outlet, there has been an increase in bear sightings along the South Shore region. This bear, in particular, has been passing through the town over the course of several days. Cohasset police are monitoring its movements.

What to do if you see a bear while out with your dog

If you encounter a bear while out with your dog, proceed with the utmost caution to protect yourself and your canine companion. Remain calm and avoid direct eye contact with the bear. Slowly back away, maintaining a distance of at least 100 yards if possible. Keep your dog on a leash and close to you, as running may trigger the bear’s instinct to chase. Do not attempt to intervene or provoke the bear in any way. Once you are at a safe distance, carefully and quietly retreat from the area, keeping a watchful eye on the bear until it moves away. Avoid any actions that could escalate the situation.

Now that you know how to stay safe if you encounter a bear while out with your pup, read up on wild animals that will attack your dog and try to avoid them. Stay safe out there, dog parents!


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