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Great Dane Puppy Rescued After Falling Into 40-Foot Well

A family in Wake County, North Carolina, is grateful after firefighters came to the rescue of their 110-pound puppy who accidentally fell into a 40-foot well this past weekend, WRAL News reports.

On Dec. 2, Mudge, an 11-month-old Great Dane puppy — whom the family adopted from a breeder — fell into the old well situated on the family’s property. Firefighters from the Cary Fire Department, Swift Creek Fire Department, and Fairview Rural Fire Department rushed to the scene upon receiving a 911 report of the stranded pup. 

Janine Haldane, the dog’s owner, said her family created several trails on their property where their dogs like to run. The dried-up well sits near one of the trails. According to Haldane, her son was the first to suspect their pup might have fallen down the 40-foot-deep well. In truth, it was Mudge’s non-stop barking that caught the Haldane family’s attention, prompting them to immediately call 911.

It took firefighters hours to pull Mudge to safety. Due to the hazardous nature of the rescue mission, a veterinarian was also on standby in case the pup needed urgent medical attention. 

Firefighters collaborate to save stranded Great Dane puppy

The Haldanes said they were shocked to find Mudge trapped inside the well, as they had already secured the hole with barbed wire following a similar accident sometime back.

“We found a deer there one day, and it didn’t make it. So we thought, let’s barbwire the whole thing around so nobody can get in it,” Haldane recalled.

Firefighters used the rope rescue technique to lift the Great Dane puppy out of the well. The crews spent hours safely constructing the rigging necessary to safely bring the dog to the surface.

“They had to bring that tripod situation with all the climbing harnesses and everything to get down there,” Haldane said. “So, it was quite a feat.”

Then, while donning harnesses and supported by rope, one firefighter descended into the well.

Despite the frightening situation Mudge found herself in, she still managed to capture the hearts of onlookers by showing love to the rescuer who hoisted her to safety.

“To have her come out and … lick the guy’s face that pulled her out of the hole, like wow. It was really special,” a relieved Haldane said.

Thankfully, the dog didn’t sustain serious injuries. In fact, Mudge only suffered a minor scratch on her ankle.

Haldane expressed her gratitude to the crew for showing up for her helpless pup. “They did all this for my dog, and she is part of our family, truly, so Gold bless them.”

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