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Great Dane Gives Birth to Record-Breaking Litter of Puppies


A pregnant Great Dane recently gave birth to a record-breaking litter. The rescue pup, Meadow, welcomed an astonishing 15 puppies into the world.

Rescue Great Dane gives birth to huge litter

According to CBS 17, Perfectly Imperfect Pups of Raleigh, North Carolina, took in the Great Dane just a few days before she gave birth. Then, on Tuesday, her labor began and she birthed 15 puppies. The fur babies are all healthy and gaining weight. “Mama Meadow” is nursing the puppies and rescue workers are providing supplemental feedings as well.

“Mama Meadow is an incredible mom to all her pups!” her foster mom, Shari, told the news outlet.

And by all accounts, Shari is an incredible foster mom to the rescue dogs.

“PIPs is so proud of our foster parents. They take in dogs without knowing what the next few days or months could bring,” Nicole Kincaid, the rescue’s founder and director, said.

“Taking in a pregnant dog is even more of a challenge because you don’t always know when mom will give birth, how many puppies will be born, or what complications may come along,” she continued. “It makes me so sad that Meadow had such an unsteady past, being bounced around is no life for a dog. We are thrilled to have her in the rescue and this will be her last litter and her next home will be her forever home.”

How to support rescue dogs

Meadow has been shuffled between five different homes since February 2023, despite being a “sweet-natured” dog.

Now, Meadow needs support to be the best canine caretaker she can be. PIPs is asking for donations to help her do just that. Dog lovers can shop from an Amazon Wishlist the rescue made. It includes items like food and training pads. Financial contributions are also welcome.

It is unclear if/when Meadow and/or her pups will be come eligible for adoption. However, PIPs has plenty of other pups in need of homes. You can see all of the adoptable dogs on the rescue’s website.


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