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Grand Jury Indicts Woman Found With Decomposing Dog, Emaciated Horse


A woman in Butler County, Ohio, has been formally charged by a grand jury after deputies found a decomposing dog and an emaciated horse on her property.

31-year-old Katie Still faces fifth-degree felony cruelty to a companion animal and second-degree misdemeanor cruelty to companion animals. This is in accordance with Ohio’s animal cruelty laws.

Ohio woman charged with animal cruelty after decomposing dog, starving horse found on property

On Dec. 4, 2023, Butler County Deputy Dog Wardens visited Still’s residence to carry out a welfare check, as per Journal News. Still wasn’t around when the officers arrived. While inspecting the property, the deputies discovered a decomposing dog in a wire crate locked inside a shed. Moreover, they found a severely emaciated horse on the property.

A court complaint by investigators read: “One deceased canine was located locked in a wire crate in a shed. There was no food or shelter from the elements. The crate had barely enough room for the dog to lay.” The complaint further stated: “It was on its side and far into decomposition. The condition of the dog appeared as if it had been starved to death.”

Court documents revealed the horse had visible bones, an indication that they “had obviously not been fed on a regular basis.”

The deputies said Still came back hours later and told them she had been away for about a week. The Ohio resident admitted she hadn’t fed or checked on the animals.

Currently, Still is out on bond. She’ll be arraigned in court on March 7 to answer the indicted charges.

This tragic incident highlights the impact of neglectful pet ownership on animal welfare.

In recent years, animal neglect has become quite rampant, and it causes serious physical and psychological impacts on the affected animal.


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