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Golden Retriever Reunited With Owner After 5 Years Apart

A dog owner in Sharonville, Ohio, is over the moon after being reunited with her Golden Retriever, who went missing five years ago. Never in her wildest dreams did Hannah imagine she’d find her lost pup — named Will — at an adoption event. It’s an extraordinary reunion story that will move you to tears.

Heartwarming, miraculous reunion of senior Golden Retriever and his dog mom

Hannah told Fox News her dog escaped home in October 2019, never to be seen again. He was 6 years old when he went missing. Although Hannah and her family did all they could to locate him, their efforts proved futile. As time went by, Hannah gave up hope of ever finding her beloved pup.

Unknown to her, a miracle of a lifetime would occur five years later. On Friday, Feb. 16, Hannah came across a photo online of a senior Golden Retriever at the Clermont County Animal Shelter. She strongly felt the dog resembled her missing canine.

Hannah Messaged the shelter on Facebook, inquiring about the dog in the photo. She narrated her ordeal to the shelter and told them she believed the dog was her long-lost furry companion. During the conversation, she got to learn that at the shelter, her now-senior pup went by the name Rome.

Interestingly, Rome was among hundreds of animals scheduled to be adopted out at the shelter’s adoption event on Feb. 17. The shelter requested Hannah to show up for the event, and she did. To her surprise, the dog was indeed her missing pup.

“Tears of joy flowed as Hannah rushed to the location where Rome was and as she rounded the corner, there he was,” the shelter narrated. “Her faithful companion, Will.”

The shelter further commented: “The heartwarming story of Hannah and Will’s reunion serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that social media can have in bringing communities together, especially in times of need.”

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