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Golden Retriever Causes Muddy Mayhem While Owners Are Away

Golden Retrievers are famous for being the gentlest dogs. However, sometimes they can be incredibly naughty. In a humorous yet frustrating turn of events, a mischievous Golden Retriever named Remi wreaked havoc on its owner’s sofa while they were away for the night. 

Remi, the Golden Retriever, redecorates house with mud

Hayley Richey, hailing from South Brighton, Adelaide, U.K., returned home to find her once-pristine sofa destroyed by muddy paw prints. The culprit was her nine-month-old Golden Retriever puppy. Despite leaving Remi in the care of a pet sitter, the playful pup decided to leave a not-so-welcome-home gift for his pet parent. 

As it happens, the pet sitter inadvertently left the door unlocked amidst a storm. Thus, the Goldie puppy noticed the unlocked door and promptly made his way to the cream sofa. However, it seemed Remi was oblivious to the mud smeared on his paws as he traipsed across the furniture. 

Initially, Remi left muddy trails across the wooden floor. However, the real calamity unfolded as he spread the mud all over the sofa, rendering it seemingly beyond repair. Even the pillows bore muddy prints. 

Additionally, his beloved cuddly toy also fell victim to the mud, left out on the now filthy sofa. 

The troublesome Golden Retriever didn’t stop there. Remi then ventured into the bedroom, spreading her dirty paws across the bed. Therefore, he ended up creating an even bigger mess and laid down peacefully on Hayley’s bed. 

How did the owners react to Remi’s mess?

Owner Hayley adopted a laid-back attitude and chuckled at Remi’s endeavor to adorn the furniture with mud. 

While Remi reveled in her mischief, Hayley couldn’t help but acknowledge that it came at her own expense. Nevertheless, she reasoned that it’s futile to fault a dog for making a mess, because it’s simply a part of their nature. 

The dog mom reflected on the situation, saying, “My reaction was genuine laughter at the thought of how much fun she had at my expense.” She further remarked, “Dogs will be dogs, and she certainly seized the opportunity.”

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