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‘Giant Barking Yeti’ Dog Adopted After Leg Amputation


A Colorado Springs stray dog who had his leg amputated after sustaining a severe injury has found a forever home. In a heartwarming conclusion to the story, a family who contributed greatly to the big fluffy canine’s rescue then adopted him.

Family rescues giant, injured stray dog, adopts him after leg amputation

According to Fox21 News, the Colorado family spotted the large dog — whom the Humane Society nicknamed “giant barking Yeti” — wandering their neighborhood on multiple occasions. For months, this family watched the giant stray come and go, and whenever they tried to help him, he’d take off.

Then, everything changed when the dog sustained a painful injury to his leg. He could no longer run away from those who wanted to help him.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) received reports of the injured pup and took it from there. After assessing the dog’s injury, the HSPPR veterinary team had to make the difficult decision to amputate his leg.

In a post shared on Facebook, the HSPPR explained the severity of the canine’s injury. Part of the post read: “The injury was a bone-deep wound and fracture to the right hind leg. By the time he arrived, the wound was severely infected and beyond repair, so our veterinary team had to amputate his leg.”

Despite this major setback, the three-legged dog still occupied a special spot in the Colorado family’s heart. When HSPPR brought him to their facility for treatment, the family contributed a “generous” amount toward his care. Surprisingly, they called the HSSPR that same day and expressed their interest in adopting the dog.

According to HSPPR, the three-legged pup was ready for adoption after spending nine days recovering from the surgery. The family named him Koa.

“From making that first call for help to adopting, these two women were there for ‘Koa’ during every step of his journey,” the humane society stated.


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