German Shepherd Puppies: Cute Pictures And Facts

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The German Shepherd Dog consistently makes it into the list of the top 10 most popular breeds in the United States each year, and it’s easy to see why. These pups are incredibly intelligent and capable canines who are ready to work. And German Shepherd puppies are too cute!

Fortunately, if you have been eyeing German Shepherd puppies, they’re also ready to play, snuggle, and make you laugh uncontrollably at their unintentionally goofy demeanor.

Remember, you can get any kind of dog, including a GSD, from shelters and rescues, so adopt! Don’t shop! If you’re thinking about adopting a German Shepherd puppy, here are five things you should know going in.

They Can Be Protective Of Their Families

woman looking at german shepherd puppy

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The German Shepherd is described as a breed that has an “eagerness to have a purpose.” This is why they make such amazing working dogs and take on jobs such as police work, disability assistance, search and rescue, and military roles.

Part of your German Shepherd puppy’s purpose will be to please you and and make sure you’re safe. They tend to be “one family” pets, meaning they can be suspicious of strangers. They’ll want to please you 24/7!

They Will Help You Redecorate Your Floors

white german shepherd puppy

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Do you have a hardwood floor? That will change into a nice carpet with the German Shepherd’s notorious shedding coat.

Although absolutely gorgeous, Shepherds are shedders to the max. Prepare for a snow-globe of hair to poof off your pup any time you give them a big snuggle, which will be more often than not.

Playing Around Is No Game

german shepherd puppies playing

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The German Shepherd is a very active breed and needs lots of physical stimulation and playtime.

When you first get your puppy, playing may consist of nipping due to their herding background. When your GSD is full grown, they may love to wrestle around and forget how big they are.

If you’re an active person with thick skin, a German Shepherd puppy may be right for you.

But They’re Still Softies

kids playing with GSD puppy

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Despite their intimidating looks, German Shepherds can be total softies, especially if socialized early on.

These pups are always up for snuggling with others, including kids and other pets.

Softies Who Are Also Busy Bodies

german shepherd puppies in a field

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If you want a German Shepherd puppy in your life, you have to really want your dog to be a part of every little bit of your daily routine.

Morning showers? Your pup will want to sit right outside to make sure you rinse off the soap. Your bed? That’s for both of you, right?

Highly intelligent and curious, Shepherds want to know what is going on all of the time. German Shepherds will attach at the hip and make the right person the happiest dog parent on the planet.

Remember, you can find just about any breed of dog you are looking for at a shelter or rescue. Check our adoption page that lets you search by breed and location or a German Shepherd Rescue in your area.

Would you adopt a German Shepherd Puppy? Do you have experience with these adorable pups? Let us know in the comments below!


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