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Georgia Thief Cases Apartments Before Stealing Puppy

Authorities are investigating an incident where a thief in Decatur, Georgia, cased several apartments at night before breaking into one home and stealing a 2-month-old puppy.  

WSB-TV News reports surveillance video captured the unidentified person walking suspiciously from one apartment to another, trying to choose their target. Shockingly, the residents of the homes were inside while the thief was prowling. During the Jan. 3 incident, the daring thief broke into the apartment of Chayse Gunderson, who owned a Springer Spaniel. 

According to Gunderson, the thief began casing and breaking into apartments from 8:00 p.m. and continued to do so until early morning the next day. “It’s just the weirdest feeling looking at the person walking right past me when I was asleep,” a distraught Gunderson shared upon reviewing the footage. “It’s just horrifying to watch.”

Gunderson stated she woke up to an empty dog crate, empty drawers, and opened doors. Besides getting away with her dog, the thief also stole her money. “I just started yelling, and I haven’t been able to sleep that great since,” she said.

Owner searching for missing Springer Spaniel puppy

The Dekalb County Police Department has yet to confirm how many apartments the thief broke into that night. Additionally, it’s unclear whether they stole any other dogs. 

Commenting on her missing canine, Gunderson, got the pup on Christmas as a surprise gift, told the news outlet she still finds it difficult to get close to her puppy’s crate. Gunderson further stated, “I just feel helpless because there’s not anything I can do, and I just feel sick.”

Ever since her dog’s disappearance, the Decatur resident has distributed flyers and posted on social media several times to help locate her precious pup. “If anybody contacted me and told me they purchased her from somewhere, or it was the person who took her who changed their mind and brings her back, I mean we would give anything,” she said. Meanwhile, investigations into the theft are ongoing. 

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