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Georgia Farm Dog Saves Flock From 8 Coyotes, Wins Award


A farm dog in Georgia recieved an award for showcasing his immense courage and became a hero after he defended his owner’s livestock against a vicious pack of eight coyotes. The canine’s brave actions resulted in the American Farm Bureau (AFB) recognizing him with the Farm Dog of the Year award.

Great Pyrenees saves flock of sheep from coyotes

Casper is a Great Pyrenees dog whose owner is John Wierwille from Decatur. This farm dog exhibited remarkable bravery as he fended off nearly a dozen coyotes to protect his owner’s flock of sheep. As a result, he endured significant injuries. 

The farm dog’s daring confrontation unfolded on the night of Nov. 3, 2022, when a group of coyotes approached Wierwille’s farm.

Wierwille recounted waking up to the sound of barking and rushing outside. He found his 20-month-old dog, Casper, alongside another dog named Daisy, bravely herding the sheep into a corner to shield them from the approaching threat.

Subsequently, Casper fearlessly charged into the midst of the pack. He engaged in a fierce altercation that lasted approximately 30 minutes and ended up killing eight coyotes. 

The furry canine went through extensive surgeries following the attack, sustaining injuries to his neck and back. In addition, his tail had to be amputated as well. 

In an old Facebook post, Wierville wrote, “Casper has come so far in the past year. Except for his missing tail, you would not know that he suffered any trauma at all.”

Georgia farm dog wins National Farm Bureau award

For his bravery, the AFB named Casper Farm Dog of the Year: “People’s Choice Pup.” He was awarded a trophy, Purina products, and a $1,000 cash prize. 

Wierwille graciously donated the prize money to the LifeLine Animal Project. This is a shelter that provided care for Casper following the harrowing incident. 

Casper received the honor at the Farm Bureau’s convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Moreover, Wierwille expressed his gratitude on Facebook, posting, “Thank you also to everyone who voted for our brave, determined and goofy livestock protector.”

In a statement, AFB President Zippy Duvall remarked, “Although farmers and ranchers love what they do, it’s well known that farming can be stressful.” He further stated, “Farm dogs can help ease the burden because they often play a dual role as both working dogs and companions to farm families.”


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