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Gemma Collins’ ‘Disgusting’ Dog Video Sparks Controversy


A section of social media users has slammed Gemma Collins after she shared a video of her Whippet dog, named Blue, eating right off a plate at a London restaurant

What happens in the Gemma Collins Dog Video

In the Instagram video, Blue is seen standing on a chair next to Gemma as he devours a plate of scrambled eggs and sliced sausages. As the pup digs into the delicious meal, Gemma strokes him gently. Then, one of her friends remarks, “He only eats at the table and loves his eggs.”

The former ‘Only Way is Essex’ star shared a clip of them — including her dog — enjoying breakfast followed with the caption, “The LOVE for dogs in Hampstead is next level the joy and happiness they bring to our lives. Why doesn’t everywhere become more doggie-friendly, this would be fabulous. Please let me know all the dog-friendly places.”

As suspected, the video quickly lit up the comment section, with some slamming the reality star while others applauded her. 

One comment read: “This is totally unhygienic behavior. That restaurant should never allow such a disgusting thing to happen.”

Another penned: “I agree that there definitely should be more dog-friendly places around, I have a dog myself. However, letting a dog lick off a plate like that in a restaurant is really gross and shouldn’t be allowed.”

One person wrote, “Only the best for that fur baby!” with others simply commenting, “Love this!” and “Adorable!”

How did the restaurant react? 

Similarly, the restaurant also took to Gemma’s comment section to air their thoughts. Despite the incident, they first appreciated the media personality for stopping by. However, they made it clear that they disapprove of customers letting their dogs feed off the restaurant’s plates. 

They wrote: “Thank you @gemmacollins, it’s always great to see you. We love and welcome dogs at Oak & Puppy, however we do not allow dogs to eat from plates and ask that dogs stay on the floor on leads.”


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