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French Bulldog Stolen at Gunpoint


A French Bulldog was stolen at gunpoint on Chicago’s Northwest side Wednesday evening. Police are investigating.

French Bulldog stolen by armed man in park

According to CBS News Chicago, a 64-year-old woman was walking her French Bulldog, Peppa, in Dunham Park around 7:44 p.m. A man approached her from behind with a gun. He demanded her dog. The dog owner struggled with the man. Then, he struck her and she fell. The man grabbed the dog and ran eastbound through the Portage Park neighborhood.

The dog owner suffered minor injuries from the incident. She was treated at Community First Medical Center.

Friends of the dog owner shared information about the stolen Frenchie on the Ring Neighbors app. Apparently, a woman approached the same dog owner last week and demanded her dog.

So far, authorities have been unable to identify or apprehend the thief. People with information about the incident should call local police.

Dog owners fear for their safety

Dog walkers in the area are scared after hearing the news.

“It’s gut wrenching because it’s like somebody told me somebody would have to have a knife or a gun to try to get my dog from me,” dog owner Diane Fisher told CBS News Chicago. “And you tried to fight your natural reaction is ‘no,’ right? So it’s very scary. You know, I’m out here myself all the time, like I said, three, four miles a day. So I try not to go at night because of that.”

French Bulldog theft on the rise

French Bulldogs recently took over as the most popular dog breed in the U.S., an honor previously held by Labrador Retrievers. They are a favorite dog breed of celebrities like Lady Gaga and average Joes alike for their low-maintenance, easy-going nature and adorable looks.

Unfortunately, according to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs are among the most commonly stolen dog breeds.

In another recent theft, two French Bulldog puppies were stolen from their owner’s living room in Wisconsin. A man used a shovel to break a window in the home. Then, the thief climbed inside and snatched two French Bulldog puppies. He stuffed the dogs into pillowcases and fled. In that case, police were able to locate and arrest the thief, thanks in part to home surveillance video.

No matter what dog breed you own, learn how to keep your dog safe from pet thieves.


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