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French Bulldog Puppies Stolen From Wisconsin Home

Written by aslmad.yaz

Three adorable French Bulldog puppies
(Photo credit: GoodLifeStudio / Getty Images)

Police arrested a Wisconsin man for stealing French Bulldog puppies from another man’s home in Kershaw County.

Thief steals French Bulldog puppies from living room

This unthinkable crime happened a month ago according to WIS News 10. On April 14, dog owner Tyrek Broughton came home to a broken window. When he reviewed surveillance footage from security cameras in his house, he got a better picture of what happened in his absence.

First, a white Dodge Ram scoped out the house around 1:30. A masked man named Phillp Compo exited the vehicle on the front road. He tried the front door and found it locked. Then, he used a shovel to break a window. Finally, he climbed in and located the dogs in the living room.

Compo snatched one of the dogs by the neck and pulled it out of its crate. Then, the thief stuffed the dog into a pillowcase. Compo repeated those actions with another dog.

“He took my dogs and put one of them in the pillowcase and they were fighting trying to get away and then he took the other one,” Broughton told WIS News 10. “As he tried to get out the door, one of my Frenchies got out of the pillowcase and then he grabbed it and shoved him back in the pillowcase.”

Compo awkwardly fled with the stolen dogs. The pups are worth $13,000, according to Broughton.

Dog thief apprehended, puppies still missing

Eventually, police tracked down Compo. The authorities arrested him and charged him with stealing the dogs. However, police have not identified or arrested the two accomplices who were seen in the truck along with Compo.

Though Broughton said that “Kershaw County is not doing anything,” the local Sheriff, Lee Boan, disagrees.

“Well, the person, the only person that broke into his house was arrested,” Sheriff Boan told the news outlet. “I mean if we can identify who drove him to the scene or drove him from the scene or had anything to do with this, we are willing to charge them but the information we have right now is kind of iffy.”

Broughton claims that one of the accomplices bragged on Facebook about selling the pups for $10,000.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for Compo’s house in Richland County. No French Bulldog puppies were found. Anyone with information about this incident or the dogs’ whereabouts should contact the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.

French Bulldogs in demand

French Bulldogs recently took over as the most popular dog breed in the U.S., an honor previously held by Labrador Retrievers. They are a favorite dog breed of celebrities like Lady Gaga and average Joes alike for their low-maintenance, easy-going nature and adorable looks.

No matter what dog breed you own, learn how to keep your dog safe from pet thieves.

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