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Former Inmate Searches for Dogs Adopted Out While in Jail


A Colorado man is on a desperate search to find his two dogs, whom he says were adopted out while he was serving his two-month jail sentence. 

CBS Colorado reports that the former inmate, John Davison, left his two canines — a German Shorthaired Pointer and a German Shepherd- Pit Bull Mix — with his friend when he went to jail in September. Davison stated he paid the friend $600 to care for the dogs, namely Billy and Everest, in his absence. 

“I had given him family phone numbers and everything needed, along with paying him and (for) the dog food,” Davison shared. “Everything was covered.”

Unknown to him, the friend wanted nothing to do with the dogs despite pocketing the money. While in jail, Davison began worrying about Billy and Everest after his family told him they couldn’t reach his friend. 

Davison later came to find out his friend surrendered the dogs to animal control officers. Foothills Animal Shelter took both in canines as strays.

“I cut ties with him once he told me that,” Davison, who got released from jail in November, shared.

Shelter put former inmate’s dogs up for adoption

When the two dogs arrived at the shelter, staff discovered the pair had been microchipped and actually had an owner. For five consecutive days, they tried reaching out to Davison. However, their efforts proved futile. 

Eventually, the shelter put the dogs up for adoption in accordance with Colorado’s Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act. This law permits shelters in the state to put a “lost and found” dog up for adoption if the owner fails to reclaim the canine within five days. 

While speaking to the news outlet, the friend argued Davison only paid him to stay at his house temporarily. He disputed Davison’s claim, adding that they didn’t agree on him taking care of the dogs. 

Nevertheless, Davison believes his friend betrayed him. 

As soon as he got out of jail, Davison began searching for Billy and Everest. Unfortunately, he discovered the animal shelter had already adopted out the dogs to different families. 

“They told me that there’s nothing that can be done about that,” Davison said. “I just asked if there was any way that they could give me contact information to the families….but they would not do that.”

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Davison said he would carry on with his search. He hopes to one day reunite with Billy and Everest, who he considers the only best friends he’s ever known. 


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