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Florida Man Allegedly Decapitated His Dog

A man in Coral Springs, South Florida, was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly decapitating his dog earlier last week. The suspect — identified as 58-year-old Steve Douglas McKinney — claimed he was on a fentanyl detox when he committed the unfathomable crime.

Florida man who decapitated his dog was turned in by roommate

An arrest report reveals that the suspect’s roommate was in the house at the time of the crime, which occurred on Tuesday, Feb. 13. According to Local10 News, the roommate contacted authorities after he heard the dog’s excruciating cries for help.

Please be advised that the post further contains explicit descriptions about the incident that some readers may find distressing or unpleasant.

The unidentified roommate told the news outlet that the dog’s frantic yelping woke him up. Immediately, he dashed outside to check what was going on, and to his horror, saw McKinney twisting the dog’s head.

Tragically, Mckinney had sliced the dog’s neck and was trying to completely detach the head from the dog’s body.

The distraught roommate also told authorities he watched McKinney cut himself on the neck using the same knife he used on the poor canine.

Officers who responded to the scene found the pup on a dog bed on the back patio. Shockingly, their head was almost falling off from their body. According to the officers, the head held on to a small piece of skin in the neck area.

McKinney confessed to the gruesome crime when police arrived at the residence. Officers say the suspect told them, “I killed Katie.” He further blamed his actions on his fentanyl detox that he was currently on at the time of the senseless killing.

The Coral Springs resident is facing animal cruelty charges and is currently being held on $75,000 bond. It’s unclear when McKinney will be arraigned in court. This shocking incident comes a few weeks after police arrested a Florida nurse for poisoning her neighbor’s pets with pesticide.

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