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Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped in Mineshaft


A daring mission unfolded in Rowan County — a rural area of North Carolina — after a distress signal reached the Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department on Oct. 22. The reason? A dog had taken a tumble into a treacherous mineshaft, needing the urgent assistance of firefighters.

As per WBTW News 13, the daring rescuers swiftly mobilized to aid the dog. The canine’s heartwarming rescue was captured on a live stream for all to witness.

Dog fell into a mineshaft near their home

According to Queen City News, the dog had apparently fallen 20 feet into the mineshaft near their residence. Such a mishap was hardly surprising, considering that Gold Hill has a history of mineshafts dating back to the 1800s.

Though none are operational today, these shafts pose a danger to any unwary person or their pet, as this situation proved. Indeed, the dog was extremely lucky that the firefighters were there to save them from the mineshaft.

When the distress call reached the Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, they wasted no time in responding to it. “(The owner) said that the dog got out of his cage and was chasing something and ran the wrong way,” recounted Shane Wise, Captain of the Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department.

Thankfully, the team knew how to handle rescues in confined spaces and was prompt in their mission. Consequently, the firefighters managed to save the dog from the mineshaft within an hour. Reportedly, the operation required the assistance of nearly two dozen people.

The dog emerged from the ordeal safe and uninjured

Thankfully, despite having spent an entire night in the mineshaft, the pooch did not sustain any injuries. To everyone’s relief, the dog was full of tail-wagging energy even after their rescue. Firefighters confirmed that the canine wasted no time in showering everyone with affection.

A portion of the event was live-streamed on the Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page. Additionally, the operation was accompanied by a slideshow capturing the rescue process. The heartwarming reunion of the dog with their caregivers post-rescue was truly a sight for sore eyes.

Large, cavernous spaces underground pose a danger to all canines across the country. Often, any dog who succumbs to this threat often isn’t alone once they are inside these spaces. In fact, earlier this month, another dog found himself trapped in a cave with a slumbering black bear. That is, thankfully, until another group of brave firefighters rushed to his rescue.


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