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Firefighters Rescue Dog from House Fire in Lincoln, UK


Emergency responders in Lincolnshire were recently summoned to a house fire in Lincoln, United Kingdom. While the residents were absent, rescuers found a dog on the scene. The firefighters bravely rescued the dog, who remains alive and is recovering. 

Firefighters rescue dog, Lottie, who will make ‘a full recovery’

On Feb. 4, 2024, Lincolnshire firefighters responded to a house fire on Arthur Street in Lincoln, as per a press release posted by the Lincolnshire City Council. Though there were no occupants, a dog, Lottie, was still inside the house. Firefighters Katie and Richard from Lincoln South fire station successfully rescued the small dog from the smoke-filled house.

Katie and Richard utilized breathing apparatuses to gain entry through a rear kitchen door. After they rescued Lottie, they administered oxygen to her. Despite her usual fluffy white appearance, the dog appeared completely black. Moreover, she was not breathing due to smoke inhalation. Meanwhile, fellow firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze. 

Thanks to special pet CPR masks, Lottie exhibited signs of recovery after just 20 minutes, with her eyes opening and showing signs of life. In fact, the RSPCA donated these masks, which are now standard equipment on every fire appliance. 

Subsequently, the emergency veterinarian arrived and promptly placed the canine in an oxygen tent for the night. Following thorough observations and tests, the veterinarian happily informed the owners Lottie would fully recover. 

Kenny McLaughlin, Crew Manager at Lincoln South fire station, commended the swift response of firefighters in addressing the incident.

He noted that while rescuing people and animals from properties is routine, the impact of smoke on small animals is often dire. In his words, “In fact, the vet commented that in 15 years of witnessing pets pulled out of house fires, he had never seen one recover.”

McLaughlin further said, “We’re so pleased that Lottie has been one of the lucky ones and that she is on the mend, but also that this incident was prevented from being much worse.”

In addition, he reported the cause of the fire: an unattended candle. According to him, this serves as a stark reminder of the catastrophic consequences of negligence. 


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