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Farmer Fined After Dog Walker Trampled by Cows

A Yorkshire farmer has been fined by court following a tragic incident involving the farmer’s cattle and a woman walking her dog in the United Kingdom. Janicke Tvedt, a 55-year-old woman, was walking her dog when the farmer’s cows trampled her. As a result, the woman sustained serious injuries. 

Yorkshire farmer fined after dog walker trampled by cows had colon removed

A Yorkshire farmer has faced fines by the courts after his cows trampled and inflicted serious injuries upon a woman walking her dog. As per the Yorkshire Post, Martin Falshaw, a 70-year-old man, faced prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive. The incident took place in July 2021 while the woman was on public right of way near Masham, Yorkshire. 

Falshaw, from Shaw Farms located in Swinton, near Ripon, UK, pleaded guilty to breaching his health and safety obligation. Subsequently, he appeared for sentencing at York Magistrates Court on Feb. 14, 2024. 

At the time of the incident, Ms Tvedt, a former Army officer, and her partner were walking their Labrador, Goose, on a leash. As a result of the attack, Ms. Tvedt had to undergo surgery to remove her colon. Moreover, she even made farewell calls to her two children, as she feared she would die. 

In addition, she sustained seven broken ribs and bore hoof marks on her chest and legs after the attack. The herd, consisting of around 15 cattle, grew increasingly agitated, ultimately pushing her to the ground and subjecting her to vicious stamping. Her Lab was also assaulted, who seemed to be the cause of the cattle’s distress amidst the presence of calves. 

Finally, she saved herself by climbing a tree and was subsequently airlifted from the scene by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Consequently, this led to a delay in her cancer treatment as her injuries made her unfit for surgery.

The lawyer representing the Health and Safety Executive emphasized that it’s common knowledge that allowing cows with calves in fields accessible to the public could pose risks. Additionally, they highlighted measures that land managers ought to consider, such as fencing off footpaths, regularly monitoring cattle behavior, displaying relevant signage, and providing alternative routes for walkers.

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