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Famous Surfer Dogs

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Dog surfing is an entertaining sport that has a rich history going back to the 1920s. It involves dogs being trained to surf on skimming boards or surfboards. They may surf alone or sometimes be accompanied by a human on a board. Moreover, they may also do bodysurfing, which involves riding waves without the support of a surfboard at all.

Over the years, major dog surfing competitions have been held in various cities across the United States. Several dogs who’ve won these contests have become quite popular, with many garnering a strong fan following on social media. So, let’s take a look at some of the most famous surfer dogs and learn why they ride the waves of stardom.


Ricochet was a Golden Retriever from San Diego, California. Considered one of the pioneers in the field of dog surfing, she won several surfing competitions. The canine was also featured in several magazines, films, and TV shows. Sadly, though, after a long and arduous battle with cancer, Ricochet passed away on March 31, 2023, at the age of 15.

She also worked as a therapy dog, providing comfort to veterans suffering from PTSD. A natural surfer, Ricochet climbed on a boogie board and managed to balance on her own when she was just eight weeks old. Over the years, she’s garnered massive popularity on social media and YouTube. As such, a bronze statue to honor the canine’s service is reportedly in the works and is expected to be located in Del Mar Dog Beach Memorial Garden upon its completion.


An English Bulldog, similar to Dozer.
(Photo Credit: ChEvgeny | Getty Images)

Another highly popular pup, Dozer, is an English Bulldog who fell in love with surfing when he was two years old. He later received formal training and went on to participate in various competitions. According to So Cal Surf Dogs, Dozer starred in the popular 2010 film, “Marmaduke.” He also made a cameo appearance in a sketch on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”


Sugar is a stray dog who was abandoned on a road in Oakland, California. She was later rescued by noted surfer Ryan Rustan. At the time, Rustan was battling with drug addiction and his bond with Sugar changed his life forever.

Rustan later trained the dog to be a surfer and the rest, as they say, is history. Sugar went on to win several contests and has garnered a strong reputation as one of the best surfer dogs. “She has a competitive edge and she’s there to win!” Rustan told the online news publication, edhat, “Sugar is the 5X World Dog Surf Champ with dozens of local first-place finishes.”

Abbie Girl

Abbie Girl is an Australian Kelpie who was found abandoned on the street and was rescued by Michael Uy, according to Explore. Michael would often take Abbie to the beach where she would also meet other dogs. There, she fell in love with surfing.

Abbie Girl has won a medal in every contest she’s participated in. The pup features in the Guinness World Records for surfing the longest wave by a canine. In addition, Abbie Girl also won the 2018 World Dog Surfing Championship (WDSC) Spirit of Surfing Award. Over the years, she’s garnered a strong fanbase and is considered one of the most famous surfer dogs.


Arguably one of the world’s most famous Corgis, Jojo is known for his lively nature and adorable antics. However, the pup has quite a dramatic backstory. He was viciously attacked by two other large dogs, according to Dogster. Subsequently, he underwent surgery but couldn’t walk for several months. Ultimately, he managed to recover.

His love for surfing began during his hydrotherapy. Later, Jojo’s owners trained him and since then, he’s never looked back. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi continues to attend numerous competitions in California and has bagged several awards. He also enjoys massive fame on social media.


A Jack Russell Terrier, similar to Buddy, a famous surfer dog.
(Photo Credit: Iuliia Bondar | Getty Images)

Buddy was a Jack Russell Terrier whose surfing journey began when he was two, as per Ventura. He was among the earliest dogs to have taken part in surfing competitions. Buddy loved playing in the water from a very early age. Since his owners were passionate surfers, they introduced the pup to the sport. He eventually went on to become one of the most prominent dog surfers of all time.

Popularly known as “the Ambassador,” the canine won quite a lot of awards for his surfing accomplishments. He was even featured in several programs on channels like Animal Planet, CNN, and ESPN. The surfer dog passed away in 2017 at the age of 19.


Another social media star, Charlie is a Labrador Retriever who got into surfing when he was two years old. He loves playing at the beach and has been a consistent performer at surfing competitions, winning prizes on several occasions. While away from water, Charlie tends to be more relaxed and loves chilling on his couch, as per InspireMore.

Rosie Drottar

Rosie Drottar is another Labrador Retriever who’s known for her exceptional surfing skills. She became a social media sensation after a video that showed her surfing went viral back in 2022. In the clip, the dog is seen riding the waves on a surfboard as her owner gives instructions. The pet lives in Santa Cruz, California, and enjoys a massive following on Instagram.

Famous surfer dogs ride waves and coast on popularity

Famous surfer dogs have found their place in popular culture and in our hearts. These canines catch waves and we catch feelings, as we watch them live their best lives. Admittedly, there are few things more enjoyable than seeing a pup up on a surfboard coasting to victory at these surfing championships. Although, if we’re being honest, all of these dogs are already winners in our book.


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