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England’s XL Bully Dog Ban Might Get a Judicial Review

With England’s XL Bully dog ban imminent, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is requesting a judicial review.

Speaking to the BBC about the controversial XL Bully dog ban, the RSPCA’s Dawn Smith says, “It has been quite rushed and it is changing all the time.” She added, “We’re still hopeful that there’ll be a judicial review in mid-January, but that’s after the deadline …”

When does the XL Bully dog ban start?

Per the BBC, on Dec. 31, 2023, “it will be illegal to sell, give away or breed from an XL bully dog or have one in public without a lead and muzzle.” In 2024, owning a XL Bully dog in England and Wales will be illegal “without a Certification of Exemption.”

Smith and RSPCA’s main concern is for the XL Bully dogs who don’t have anyone to provide an exemption for them – specifically, dogs in shelters. “Dogs that haven’t got owners is what we are concerned about, because they will not have anyone to take responsibility for them, and thousands of dogs will be put to sleep,” she continued.

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