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Emotional Support Dog Missing From Stolen Vehicle Found

A missing emotional support dog that was stolen from a car in Middletown, Connecticut, has been found safe. The dog, a Pit Bull mix named Luna, is now home with her family.

Emotional Support Dog Goes Missing After Vehicle Theft

According to NBC Connecticut, Luna disappeared on Saturday night. The pup, who was wearing a pink and white collar, was in a vehicle that thieves stole and drove north onto Ballfall Road. Police began to pursue the driver, but the suspect was driving erratically. He crossed lane lines multiple times, sped recklessly, and blazed through red lights in an attempt to evade police officers.

Eventually, OnStar was able to remotely halt the vehicle because it was reported stolen. When the suspect tried to escape on foot, police were able to arrest him. However, Luna was no longer in the car. During questioning, the suspect told authorities that moments after stealing the car, he left the dog in the street. Police estimated that the suspect stranded Luna around South Main and Pameacha Avenue.

Dog Found and Reunited With Family

CT Dog Gone Recovery, a division of Dog Star Rescue, assisted in the search for Luna.

“This sweet girl went missing while the car she in with her Daddy was stolen. They found the car & the person that stole the car but she is still missing,” the group posted on Facebook. “PLEASE keep a lookout for her. Her family just wants her home safe! She’s an emotional support dog for her human sister.”

The group also announced a reward for Luna’s safe return, no questions asked.

Luckily, someone spotted Luna on the street. Her dog dad searched the area where the sighting happened and found the adorable emotional support dog. She jumped right into the family’s car.

“She’s in good health and receiving lots of love!” the Middletown Police Department wrote in an Instagram post after Luna’s return. “THANK YOU all for the assistance! It’s always great when the community comes together and the end result is happy!”

According to NBC Connecticut, police charged the man who allegedly stole the family’s car with larceny of a motor vehicle, interfering with an officer, engaging police in a pursuit, reckless driving, and cruelty to animals.

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