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Drunken Florida Woman Looking For Dog Runs Over Husband

A drunken Florida woman looking for her dog ran over her husband last week. The 70-year-old dog mom now faces multiple charges.

According to FOX 35, the ordeal began on Friday, Oct. 20, when Palm Bay officers responded to a report of a possible hit-and-run. They arrived at the Dittner Circle SE home of Sally Gore and found her husband, Gregory Gore, lying in the road. Police pronounced him dead at the scene.

Officers spoke to Sally to better understand what happened. During the conversation, they noted the scent of alcohol on her breath and her bloodshot eyes. She was also slurring of words.

Sally told officers she had two glasses of wine at dinner at Beef O’Brady’s, then drove home with her husband in the passenger seat.

Upon pulling into their driveway, the couple noticed their front gate was open. Sally believed that the couple’s dog escaped, a common occurrence at their home.

The dog parents decided to look for their fur baby in the neighborhood. Gregory was on foot. Sally was going to use the car. She backed out of the driveway and circled the block. Footage from a local community center showed her driving and shouting for her dog.

Dog mom makes gruesome discovery

Sally didn’t find her dog. But when she returned home, she found something else — and it was very disturbing. Gregory’s body was in the street. Though Sally didn’t recall hitting anything when she backed out of the driveway, all evidence indicated that Sally ran over her husband.

She provided officers with a breath sample. The reading came back at .120 g. That’s almost twice the legal blood alcohol limit in Florida.

Officers took Sally into custody. They booked her on charges of DUI and DUI manslaughter. However, she has since been released from the Brevard  County jail.

Sadly, there is no information available on the dog.

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