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Drone Helps Find Missing Service Dog

After days of unsuccessful ground searches for a missing service dog, the pet parent turned to the aerial assistance of a drone. An individual specializing in drones deployed one to scan the area to help the dog owner. Within 90 minutes, the drone found the missing dog, leading to a beautiful reunion.

Drone technology saves missing service dog

A resident in Malone, New York, has proven that a bird’s-eye view is invaluable in a search operation, as WWNY TV reports. Dog owner Jim Brice was in search of his service dog, Shelby, who went missing a few weeks ago. So, he turned to drone technology, and as a result, his dog was found in a short time. 

Brice has had Shelby for 12 years, and they have established an inseparable bond since their first meeting on Brice’s birthday. In his words, “Shelby is my service dog, and she’s always with me. She’s more than just a pet.” 

Therefore, Shelby going missing made it particularly hard for Brice. “I was getting rather deflated as the days went on,” he recalled. 

Shelby’s ground search went on for three days. However, due to no success, Brice shifted his efforts to the sky. He took the help of Chad Tavernia, the owner of North Country Drone Search and Recovery in Malone. 

So, Tavernia utilized a drone to scan the area and it helped locate Shelby in just an hour and a half. Tavernia says he enjoys helping reunite people with their lost pets. 

For each search mission, he brings along a drone, which has a thermal camera capable of detecting heat signatures. This facilitates finding the location of animals in dense woods. In addition, he carries eight rechargeable batteries and a 1,000-watt battery generator to ensure the drone remains operational for extended periods. 

Although Tavernia’s equipment surpasses what the average person typically possesses, he relies on some tools that are readily available to many. For instance, he uses his smartphone to view aerial maps before arriving at “the search location.”

Moreover, Tavernia has orchestrated more successful reunion stories than just Brice and Shelby’s, garnering significant appreciation for his efforts on social media. He has amassed more than 10,000 Facebook followers for sharing many reunion videos similar to theirs. 

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