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DoorDash Driver’s Car Stolen With Chihuahua Inside

A Maryland food delivery driver is searching for her missing dog. The Chihuahua was in her car when it was stolen during a delivery.

Thieves steal food delivery driver’s car with Chihuahua inside

According to WBAL TV 11, Suzanne Gallatin was delivering food through DoorDash to an address on Ramblewood Road in Baltimore. She left her car running. Her dog, Pixie, was inside.

It’s unclear how long Gallatin was away from the car. Regardless, thieves stole it – with Pixie still inside.

“I made the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I left my car running and somebody hopped in it and drove away,” she told the news outlet.

Gallatin called the police to file a report. Police fined her $70 for leaving the car running.

The dog mom found her car on Hartsdale Road. Unfortunately, Pixie was not inside. Gallatin hasn’t seen her fur baby since Sept. 28, the day of the car theft.

“It’s heartbreaking. I miss her, I miss her so bad,” she said.

There is a $500+ award available for information that leads to Pixie’s return.

Gallatin describes the pup as an 8-year-old, 4-pound, black-and-white chihuahua. Pixie’s distinctive features include an overbite and a small blue tattoo on her belly from spay surgery.

“Please bring her home,” she pleaded. “She doesn’t deserve this.”

Car safety for dogs

Leaving your dog unattended in a running car can pose severe dangers. Firstly, an unattended dog in a running vehicle may accidentally shift gears or engage the car’s systems. This could potentially cause accidents or harm to your pet. As we saw in the case above, if thieves steal your car, they may take your dog as well.

Additionally, a running car can also expose your pet to toxic fumes from the exhaust. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Finally, leaving your dog in a car can quickly lead to heatstroke, even on mild-weather days. The temperature inside a car can soar to life-threatening levels within minutes. Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as effectively as humans. This makes them vulnerable to overheating.

To protect your beloved pet, never leave them alone in a running car. Also, avoid leaving them in a parked car without proper ventilation and temperature control.

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