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Dogs With Parvo Usually Die. Now, There’s Hope

The Canine Parvovirus can sadly be fatal for dogs. Thankfully, pet owners can now feel a sigh of relief following the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) approval of the first-ever Parvo dog treatment.

Experts are confident that the breakthrough treatment — a single-dose, intravenous monoclonal antibody injection treatment developed by Elanco Pharmaceuticals — will be a game changer in combating the highly contagious disease.

What to know about the monoclonal antibody treatment for Parvo in dogs

Mary Duron is a licensed veterinary tech at the Papillion Animal Hospital. She told KETV News that this new Parvo treatment will significantly help prevent the spread of Parvo.

The hospital has already used the monoclonal antibody treatment on 21 dogs and achieved promising outcomes.

“Right now, since getting the monoclonal antibody, we have treated at Papillion Hospital alone, we’ve treated 21 patients with the monoclonal antibody and we’ve only had one that has not made it who was already too far septic and again, that damage is irreversible,” Duron shared.

Duron described this new treatment as “an incredible, incredible medication here that has allowed us to make so much change.”

Besides the Papillion Animal Hospital, PAWS Chicago has also received the Parvo Monoclonal antibody treatment.

Dr. Emily Yacker, a veterinarian at PAWS Chicago, explained to NBC Chicago exactly how this treatment works.

“It is an injection given intravenously, so directly into the vein, as a one-time injection. Ideally the moment we make a diagnosis of Parvovirus,” she stated.

Veterinarians will use this antibody injection treatment alongside traditional intravenous fluid therapy. Additionally, vets will still prioritize the isolation of Parvo-stricken dogs even with this breakthrough treatment.

According to Dr. Yacker, the Parvo treatment will go a long way in reducing the suffering period of affected dogs.

“If we can get this antibody treatment into them as soon as possible, we shorten that time of them feeling terrible by multiple days,” she said.

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