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Dogs With Disabilities to Be Featured in Charity Calendar


A Southern California group of dogs with disabilities are ready for their close-up in a charity calendar. Known as the “Unstoppable Dogs,” the special-needs pups will be among the many canine faces of the calendar.

Calendar highlights dogs with disabilities

According to KTLA 5, Walkin’ Pets makes mobility products for dogs with disabilities. The company, which has been in business for 20 years, releases a calendar annually. Proceeds from the sales of the calendar benefit pets with injuries and disabilities. The money pays for wheelchairs for the pups. So far, the company has assisted around 2 million pets.

So, for its 2024 calendar, Walkin’ Pets is turning its lens to a group of dogs with disabilities. The models are Peedy, Pop, Zeek, and Little Eddie from Huntington Beach, California. They’re known as the “Unstoppable Dogs.”

This canine crew is already notorious online. The dogs have a loyal social media following. So, it was only natural that they win a spot in the calendar, beating out hundreds of entries from all over the world.

Dog mom recognized for helping pups

Additionally, Debbie, the dog mom of the Unstoppable Dogs, will receive a “Hero Award.” It’s a special honor bestowed upon people who provide homes to dogs with special needs.

Walkin’ Dogs wanted to publicly acknowledge the way Debbie is “taking them under her wings and showing them unconditional love,” the company shared.

Debbie expressed feeling inspired by the resilience and determination of the pups in her care.

“None of these dogs are letting their disabilities define who they are and their spirits are one of ability, perseverance, and courage that no disability can steal away,” she said. “Our mission is to inspire others to always strive to be your best, no boundaries, no limits. They are my inspiration every single day.”

All of the Unstoppable Dogs rely on wheelchairs. The devices allow the fur babies to enjoy hiking trails and beaches in their native California.

The 2024 Walkin’ Pets Calendar is available for pre-order now. All proceeds benefit the Handicapped Pets Foundation.


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