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Dogs Surrendered After Attacking 7-Year-Old Child

Five dogs were surrendered to St. Paul Animal Control, Minnesota after they viciously attacked a child. The 7-year-old girl had just gotten off her school bus when the incident occurred. She underwent treatment after sustaining serious injuries to various parts of her body and is now recuperating at home.

5 dogs surrendered after attacking child in St. Paul last week

KARE 11 News reports that on Thursday, Feb. 8, the young girl — Sumaya Farah Ali— had just alighted her school bus and was walking home with her mother, who had come to pick her up.

Suddenly, five dogs from a nearby backyard came charging at them and began attacking the girl. Authorities say the attack lasted several minutes before a neighbor intervened and scared the dogs away. It remains unclear what breeds the dogs are.

John Albert, a witness of the attack, told CBS Minnesota the dogs “bit her in the face, and she also got bit in the back of the head.” The girl’s family further confirmed that the dogs also bit off pieces of Ali’s nose, ear, and thigh. For this reason, they’re raising funds to enable their little girl to undergo plastic surgery to reduce scarring.

All the dogs were surrendered to animal control the following day. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and the dogs’ owner is cooperating with authorities.

Commenting on the horrific incident, Mike Ernster, St. Paul Public Information Officer, stated: “I cannot imagine what this young girl went through last night. I can’t imagine what her mother went through as her child was being attacked by these dogs.” Continuing, he added: “We want to find answers. We want to find them out for her and for this community.”

Why dogs act aggressively

Contrary to what many think, dogs aren’t necessarily born aggressive. Canine aggression often arises due to unmet needs, which all fall under the owner’s responsibilities.

Factors such as lack of proper training, lack of socialization opportunities, punishing a dog instead of using positive reinforcement training, and pain resulting from a health problem can lead to a dog exhibiting aggressive tendencies. Aggression isn’t solely a dog’s fault; an owner has to put effort into raising a dog-friendly dog.

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