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Dog’s Ears Go Wild at the Word ‘Treat’ in Viral TikTok Video

A video has gone viral on TikTok showing a dog’s ears going wild as soon as she hears the word – treat. It’s undeniable that many dogs enjoy treats a lot. They get elated and start wagging their tails at the sight or smell of a treat they love. However, this one takes things up a notch.

Watch this dog’s ears go wild in this video

The reaction of a dog called Lily upon hearing the word – treat has gone viral on TikTok. At the mere utterance of the word, this canine becomes so excited that her ears transform into wings. This is certainly something internet users don’t see every day, which is the reason for its widespread popularity.

Watch the viral TikTok here:

The viral clip begins with a woman’s voice explaining she wants the viewers to take note of Lily’s ears. The text overlay also reads, “I need you all to see Lily’s ears when I say ‘treat’.”

At first, she shows the little dog with her ears looking normal, which are hanging down at the sides of her face. However, as soon as the woman asks the dog if she wants a treat, Lily’s ears start flying up, resembling wings. In addition, they remain like that for a long time in anticipation of the treat. Meanwhile, Lily is also wagging her tail in excitement, barking, and standing on her hind legs. Clearly, she is too desperate for the treat. 

TikTok account @thecrazydoggirl shared the video, which ended up with over 521K views. In addition, it garnered 109K likes from users. 

Apparently, this is not a new video, according to the post owner. She explains in the caption, “This video here came up in my memories today. It was my first viral video! It’s definitely one of my favorites Hahaha!”

One of the users, Kelly Marie, commented under the video, “I busted out laughing! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that ?? you made my day.” Another user, Lilscoobysnack, made a funny parallel as they commented, “Those Lamborghini doors opened right up?.”

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