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Dogs Don Costumes for Rio de Janeiro Carnival

As Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival festivities commenced, a colorful spectacle unfolded on the streets. Dogs emerged in imaginative costumes, joining their owners in a lively celebration. Dubbed the Blocão, this canine-themed carnival in Brazil drew a crowd of over 200 participants. 

Carnival in Brazil begins with a dog costume parade

Rio de Janeiro Carnival began with a delightful twist. Numerous dogs sported colorful costumes, ranging from mermaids to superheroes. 

Blocão, blending “bloco” for Carnival street parties with “cão” for dog in Portuguese, took place in Rio’s Barra de Tijuca beachside neighborhood. Amidst tulle and sequins, furry fashionistas vied for top honors in a costume contest.

A small stage served as the platform for pups of diverse sizes and breeds to flaunt their charm, prancing and wagging their tails. In addition, organizers introduced the contestants through a microphone in the middle of a confetti shower, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Alana, the Chihuahua, made waves as a sparkling mermaid. On the other hand, Trinde, the Cocker Spaniel, embodied a cape-clad Hermione. 

Rodrigo Pirola and Cecilia Myrele, aged 39, donned Fred and Wilma Flintstone attire. Meanwhile, their 4-year-old Basset Hound Amora sported a matching orange dress reminiscent of Pebbles Flintstone. “Amora is our daughter; we are a family. We go everywhere together,” shared Myrele. “Here, everybody is crazy in love with dogs.”

Pups and their owners brave the heat at Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Despite scorching temperatures, both pups and their owners joined the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Organizers ensured their comfort by providing water and goodie bags filled with treats. Additionally, canine participants sought refuge in the shade, tongues lolling out as they panted.

The organizer, Marc Antonio Veira, remarked, “This year, the heat is not making it easy for us.” Moreover, he emphasized the importance of safeguarding the animals’ well-being, particularly against the risk of scalding their paws on the overheated asphalt.

Once the costume contest concluded, the Brazil carnival set off through the square. Accordingly, dog lovers and their canine companions enjoyed the Brazilian pop classics. 

Daniely and Flavia Mendes, who are 43-year-old twin sisters, sang along with the cheerful crowd. The sisters have attended the carnival almost every year over the last 10 years. This time, they brought their matching Shih-tzus in adorable costumes. One came as Superman, while the other wore a handmade clown attire. 

Daniely Mendes exclaimed, “For dog parents, it’s a way for us to have fun … It brings our community together.”

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