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Is it OK to give a dog table scraps?


Giving your dog table scraps presents a whole host of potential future problems. Remember that a dog’s life span is much shorter than ours, so every little thing we give them to eat — bad or good — has a more profound effect.

Why you should avoid feeding your dog table scraps

Feeding your dog table scraps may taste good going down, but their stomach may not agree later. A dog’s diet is extremely important to their overall health. The good news is that we have the ability to ensure a longer and healthier life by giving dogs only nutritious foods.

Feeding your pup people food is not a harmless act. Firstly, many human foods can be detrimental to a dog’s health. Certain ingredients like onions, garlic, chocolate, grapes, and xylitol, commonly found in table scraps, can be toxic or harmful to dogs. Ingesting these foods can lead to digestive issues, organ damage, or even fatal consequences.

Moreover, feeding table scraps can disrupt a dog’s balanced diet, causing nutritional imbalances and potential weight gain. Consistency is key when it comes to a dog’s diet. Introducing irregular or unsuitable foods can lead to digestive upsets or food allergies. To prioritize your dog’s well-being, it’s best to stick to a nutritionally balanced diet formulated specifically for them. Refrain from sharing table scraps.

Aside from the ill effects on your dog’s digestive tract, many behavioral problems can and will arise if you feed them table food. Unless of course, you and your friends prefer a dog who begs and whines throughout breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’d rather have a dog who minds their manners come chow time, then rewarding them with scraps for hanging out under the table is a big mistake.

If you’re absolutely set on sharing your meal with your dog, finish your food, clear the table, and rinse off the leftovers in the kitchen. Then, during training exercises, reward your dog with bits of plain chicken. They’ll never know it came from the table!


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