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Dog With 6 Legs Had Extra Limbs Successfully Removed


Ariel, the dog with six legs who was abandoned in a supermarket parking lot, has undergone a surgical procedure to remove her additional limbs. The 11-week-old Spaniel first caught the public’s attention after she was found dumped outside of a Pembrokeshire B&M outlet in September.

Money was raised for 6-legged dog’s operation

Well-wishers from around the globe successfully raised about $19,000, collecting the funds needed for a life-altering surgery. Dr. Aaron Lutchman, the surgeon, was able to save all four of her functional limbs, alleviating fears of potential amputation.

“She’s doing really well, she’s bounced back and she’s a happy little dog and we’re hoping she’s going to go on to lead a fabulous little life,” said Dr. Lutchman. As per BBC, he further said that the pup has “got her own little character,” and despite enduring a difficult start in life, she has made an outstanding recovery.

Is the dog with 6 legs okay now?

The dog with six legs is recovering from her surgery and is now being monitored to make sure she doesn’t contract any infections.

It was Greenacres Rescue near Haverfordwest that took Ariel under their wing after she was found in a distressful state. Mikey Lawlor, its founder, said that an initial evaluation by a vet showed that Ariel had two extra back legs. Not only that, she had an extra vulva too.

The 42-year-old added that Ariel’s situation was complicated further after a CT scan revealed she had only one kidney. This increased the intricacy of the medical treatment she needed. Moreover, the abnormal formation of Ariel’s pelvis due to two hip joints on one side resulted in the weakening of her usual back right leg, almost necessitating its removal. “Thankfully that wasn’t the case though as it’s shown signs of having strengthened a lot in recent months,” said Lawlor.

Ariel is named after the character from Disney’s Little Mermaid due to her extra partially fused back legs resembling a mermaid’s tail. She underwent surgery last Thursday at Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital in Somerset.

The two surgeries, which spanned roughly two hours, proceeded smoothly, confirmed Lawlor.

By the following day, Ariel had begun walking, eating and drinking. Now, all that’s left is to ensure she doesn’t contract any infections. Nonetheless, Lawlor reassures that she is under the best possible care.

Lawlor expressed his hope that Ariel would be released to return to her foster home in West Wales this weekend. “Then, after she’s had several weeks of physiotherapy and recovery, we’ll see about finding her a forever home,” he said.


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