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Dog Went Missing in Colorado Avalanche, Found Alive 11 Months Later

A ray of hope emerges in the story of a lost dog after 11 months. The dog disappeared during an avalanche in Colorado in 2023. A trail camera recently captured footage of the pet, offering renewed optimism to his owner.

Colorado avalanche separated dog from owner, now pup has been found alive almost a year later

Ullr, a Border Collie and Rottweiler mix, got separated from his owner, Jacob Dalbey, during a Colorado avalanche in March 2023. Trail cameras have spotted him almost a year later, Axios Denver reported. 

Nearly a year ago, Dalbey, along with his dog Ullr and two companions, slid down a slope spanning 2,500 feet. They got buried under snow near Chair Mountain, located southwest of Marble. Moreover, one of the skiers tragically lost their life. 

Subsequently, a hospital admitted Dalbey with a broken hand and frostbitten fingers. His dog was missing at the time. However, rescuers discovered tracks of a dog exiting the avalanche debris, providing hope to Dalbey that the canine had escaped. 

Recently, Dalbey revealed a canine tracking team’s cameras captured Ullr alive, as per People. Dalbey wrote in the post, “After 341 days, 11 months to the day of setting up trail cameras/food and moving them around in hopes of luring Ullr into one to finally get confirmation of what I have known all along, it has happened.”

Dalbey’s friend, Deb Wieker, had set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe after the accident to help Dalbey cover the expenses of finding Ullr.

The dog now appears to be in good health in the camera footage. “[Ullr] looks really really good, especially for surviving an avalanche and for being on his own for almost a year,” Dalbey said.

Thus, the canine tracking team is making plans to bring the furry friend to safety. They are closer to reaching Ullr, owing to their ability to estimate the canine’s location. 

Additionally, Dalbey implores the readers to keep sending “reports of pawprints, barking, or possible sightings” since it will help locate the dog sooner. 

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