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Dog Walkers Saw Accused Killers of Brianna Ghey Flee Scene

Shocking details have emerged during the ongoing murder trial of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey, a transgender teenager found fatally stabbed back in February of this year at a park in the United Kingdom.

According to The Guardian, a couple walking their dogs at Culcheth Linear Park, Warrington, on the day of Ghey’s murder saw the two accused teenagers suspiciously leaving the crime scene.

Dog owner Kathryn Vize told jurors at Manchester Crown Court that she spotted the pair getting away from what she initially mistook to be a dog lying on the path she and her husband were walking on.

Vize further narrated that the two 16-year-olds — a boy and a girl — started running in a “lolloping” manner when they realized someone had seen them.

According to Vize, the boy covered his face with his hood to avoid making eye contact with her. At this point, she thought the pair was probably trying to prank them by placing what they thought looked like a damaged dummy on the path.

Moments later, the couple stumbled upon the bloodied body of Ghey. Reports confirmed the teenagers stabbed the victim 28 times with a hunting knife. 

Video evidence of Ghey’s accused killers

Upon making the horrific discovery, Vize immediately contacted 999. In the recorded call that was played in court, Vize could be heard telling the operator she could clearly describe Ghey’s attackers “because I was really suspicious of them.” 

Both teenagers admitted to being the individuals Vize spotted at the park on that fateful day. However, neither has pleaded guilty. In fact, they are blaming each other for Ghey’s murder.

Moreover, the court got to see CCTV and doorbell camera footage that captured the teens walking together from the crime scene before splitting up. 

Jurors watched the footage keenly as prosecutor Deanna Heer, King’s Counsel, pointed out a red substance on the hands of the accused boy. Another clip showed the accused pulling the sleeves of his coat over his bloody hands.  

Authorities retrieved Ghey’s phone in a drain along a route that the alleged killers took after committing the heinous crime.

Unfortunately, investigators couldn’t access any data from Ghey’s device. However, they did manage to gather thousands of text messages sent between the suspects. As a result of phone records obtained during court proceedings, investigators have access to messages leading up to the murder and immediately following it. As a result, authorities were able to piece together the pair’s direct involvement in Ghey’s killing.  

The highly publicized trial, which commenced on Nov. 27, has now entered its second week.

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