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Dog Uses Talking Buttons To Complain About Repairman’s Noise

Homeowners often call in repairmen to fix various issues in the house, but what happens when the pets of the house also want to chime in? A TikTok user going by the handle @twiggyandhercatcatfrens experienced this amusing scenario when their dog literally had something to say during a repair job.

Dog uses “Noise” talking button while repairmen are working

The dog, named Twiggy, used “talking buttons” — a form of communication for pets — to share her sentiments about the ongoing repair work. Twiggy expressed that the repairman was making too much noise by pressing the button labeled “noise,” which certainly surprised the worker.

On the following day, the surprised repairman returned, this time with his coworkers, to relay the unusual story. At first, his coworkers thought the buttons were part of a game. It was then that the repairman told them about the buttons’ purpose: they served as a means of communication between the pets and the owner. The revelation sparked disbelief among the repairman’s colleagues, with one even testing the buttons himself.

Twiggy’s impromptu “comment” occurred during the repairman’s long discussion on the cost and differences between various furnace options. The dog’s quirky behavior became a social media sensation, with the TikTok video getting over 3.7 million views, 269,000 likes, and over 700 comments. Viewers seemed to enjoy the amusing reactions of the repairmen and applauded their articulate descriptions.

One viewer commented, “I just know he told his family when he got home, ‘You’ll never believe what a dog said to me today!’”

The widespread use of talking buttons among pets is a recent development, started by Christina Hunger, a speech-language pathologist. In 2018, Hunger recognized that her puppy, Stella, showed communicative traits akin to those of toddlers. This led her to invent talking buttons.

This method rapidly caught the attention of global dog owners, resulting in an increasing number of them trying it out with their own pet-friendly button kits.

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