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Dog Turns on Hair Dryer, Ignites House Fire

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Dogs get into all sorts of trouble, but this tale of canine mischievousness takes the cake. On Christmas Eve, a dog in Essex, a county in southeast England, set his house on fire by accidentally turning on a hair dryer.

Dog Suspected of Starting House Fire

The Essex Fire Service responded to a call in Hockley that reported a smoke-filled house. Upon their arrival, firefighters located the blaze in a bedroom. They quickly extinguished it.

Authorities later learned that when the homeowner came home, the house was filled with smoke and the dog was waiting by the front door. Watch manager Gary Shinn said that the firefighters believe the fire started due to a hairdryer, which was plugged in and left on the bed.

“We think the dog may have then jumped on the bed and turned the hairdryer on, eventually causing it to catch alight to the bedding and mattress,” Shinn said, according to BBC News.

Like a Dog to a Flame

The dog and his parent were treated for smoke inhalation but do not appear to have suffered any injuries due to the fire. What remains unknown is what the heck the dog was doing with the hair dryer. Was he just trying to style its fur?

The watch manager issued this warning in the hopes that others can prevent such tragedies: “Once you’ve finished with any electrical appliances such as hair dryers and straighteners please take a moment to unplug them.”

Dogs and house fires have been in the news a lot lately. A police dog, plus two other canines, recently died in an inferno in rural Nessel Township, Minnesota.

Other stories are more inspiring, and feature heroic dogs taking charge in fiery circumstances. In Wichita, Kansas, a Pit Bull saved his dog dad’s life by waking him up from a nap when a fire broke out in their home. In Bodmin, Cornwall, last month, a Pit Bull and Labrador alerted twin sisters when an armchair ignited — before the smoke alarm registered the flames.

In general, it seems like having a dog around is one of the best protections in a fire. Unfortunately for the aforementioned pet parent in Essex, they might want to keep Fido away from all things electric.


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