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Dog Thrown From Car During Carjacking Found Alive


A small dog in Georgia is recovering today after a horrifying ordeal. The black pup, Louie, was thrown from a window during a carjacking. Then, he went missing.

Dog survives carjacking ordeal

According to WSB-TV, the story began in Tifton, Georgia, where a woman named Sarah Kate left her little black dog in the car. The air conditioning was on. The doors were locked. She thought all was well. So she left the dog and the car to pop into a friend’s home. She never imagined her dog would be the victim of a carjacking.

Then thieves descended.

“I was kind of just getting my dog situated; I left the air on, so they had to be watching, and when I went in, the door is when they took off,” Kate told WALB.

As the criminals drove away in Kate’s vehicle, she realized her little black dog, Louie, was nowhere to be found. The fur baby was still in the car…until the thieves threw the dog out the window.

Authorities recovered the car later; it crashed into a tree on a dirt road near G.O. Bailey Elementary School.

Kate turned to Facebook, and a group established on the social media site to help find Louie was successful. A week after the carjacking, a couple found the poor pup near the side of Interstate 75 on Outerbridge Drive. He was in the bushes.

Louie reunited with his dog mom, who took him to the vet for evaluation. He was limping at the time but otherwise all right.

Why you should never leave your dog alone in a car

This dog’s carjacking story is a cautionary tale, one with a happy ending. But not all stories like this turn out so well.

Leaving your dog in a parked car, even if it’s locked and the air conditioning is on, can have dire consequences for your pup’s health and well-being. Despite the seemingly comfortable environment, the temperature inside a parked car can rapidly rise to dangerous levels, leading to heatstroke and even death. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses due to their limited ability to regulate body temperature. Moreover, mechanical failures or power outages can occur unexpectedly, putting your furry friend at risk.

In addition to the risks of heat-related illnesses, leaving your dog in a parked car also exposes them to the potential danger of carjacking. Even with the car securely locked and the engine running, thieves can still break into the vehicle and harm your pet or take them away.

To ensure the safety and happiness of your beloved canine companion, never leave them alone in a parked car, no matter the circumstances.


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