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Dog Survives Two Weeks With Head Stuck in Biscotti Bucket

A dog in Stockton, California, was rescued after wandering for two weeks with a biscotti bucket stuck around her head. Now, the rescue organization that helped free the trapped pup, named Gracie, is searching for an adoptive family for her.

Traps set to catch California dog whose head was lodged in biscotti bucket for days

Carol Eisenbrandt — founder of California-based Wilton Animal Rescue — told CBS News that a Stockton resident informed them of the dog’s predicament through social media.

“Tara Morrison in Stockton was the one who contacted us, and she said [Gracie came to her] every night, whether or not she could eat,” Eisenbrandt stated. With the biscotti bucket covering her entire head, Gracie has no access to adequate food, water, and fresh air.

Eisenbrandt and her team knew they had to act and free Gracie from the bucket. So, they decided to monitor the pup to see which routes she often took. Once they found out, they set two traps along Gracie’s usual path of travel.

Then, they placed a crockpot containing chicken near the traps to lure Gracie. Thankfully, their strategy worked. Once they got a hold of her, they removed the burdensome bucket from her head.

Immediately after the successful rescue, they rushed her to a veterinarian for a medical examination. Surprisingly, Gracie’s health status was better than expected.

“We ran some lab work on her and labs [results] came back looking very good, given her circumstances,” Dr. Jeremy Chandler told the news outlet. “She was a little dehydrated and a little underfed.”

A second vet, Dr. Robert Hunter, expressed his disbelief toward Gracie’s survival, given the health risks that the biscotti bucket put her in.

“It’s hard to say how she survived this,” Dr. Hunter shared. “Being without food is not good, but being without water is much worse.”

Gracie is currently at the Wilton Animal Rescue. The rescue searched for Gracie’s original owner and found that she was under the care of a homeless individual. Thankfully, the person agreed for the rescue to find Gracie a forever home.

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