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Dog Struck by Car After Fleeing Fireworks

Dunbar resident Fiona Longworth is advocating for stricter firework regulations following her rescue dog Sol’s tragic death last Saturday. Per BBC News, her two-year-old Galgo and Collie mix was spooked by a private family firework display on the evening before Bonfire Night. Before Fiona could stop him, the dog young and slipped through his collar, rushing into the path of a speeding car.

Advocating for greater public awareness of fireworks

“The thing with these displays is there’s so many of them now. You never know what time they’re going off,” the grief-stricken Longworth said. She added that the noise that caused Sol to bolt free was “unbelievable.”

Shortly after the incident, Longworth’s mother posted on Facebook in the hopes of finding Sol. Unfortunately, a man later messaged her, confirming that their beloved pup had been found dead on the road. 

Despite the tragedy, Longworth found solace in the fact that Sol “wasn’t too scared for too long”. Additionally, her favorite four-legged friend was laid to rest in his favorite spot in their garden.

While several regulations were already in effect this year, Longworth has joined animal welfare organizations in urging for even more stringent controls.

She proposes distributing flyers in the area to warn locals and pet owners alike. Additionally, she believes the current situation calls for more restrictions on the sale of fireworks in the UK. At this time, any individual over 18 can purchase, carry, or use category one, two, and three fireworks. “I’d like better regulations put in place,” she insisted. “And that we go back to a more organized and safe approach. It’s absolutely tragic.”

Firework regulations will help both dogs and people

The call for stricter regulations is gaining momentum, especially in the wake of Sol’s death. The tragic incident was just one of many fireworks-related mayhem caused in Scotland. 

In Edinburgh, riot police faced unprecedented levels of violence, including petrol bombings that left eight officers with minor injuries. Furthermore, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) reported attacks on nine crews across the country during an 8-hour period. 

Longworth’s plea has found support from the Scottish SPCA‘s director of innovation and strategic relations, Gilly Mendes Ferreira, who stressed the impact of fireworks on pets, farm animals, and wildlife. Many of these animals are easily spooked by these loud noises, leading to various kinds of accidents. 

Given the violence caused to humans and animals alike, the SPCA regards the Scottish government’s recent introduction of firework control zones as a step in the right direction.  However, there is still quite a way to go. Newer and better means of celebration — such as silent fireworks or drone displays — are being encouraged in place of the current firework displays.

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