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Dog Shot With BB Gun Multiple Times by Children in Hawaii


In a distressing story out of Hawaii, a beloved family dog named Ziggy is in critical condition after being shot by a BB gun. According to KHON 2, neighborhood children were responsible for the dog’s injuries.

Pet parent discovers BB gun wounds on dog

Ziggy’s heartbreaking ordeal began with a seemingly innocent sore on his side. His dog mom, Domonique Boudreau, initially thought it was a minor issue, like a hot spot or collar irritation. She promptly sought veterinary care. The vet told Boudreau to keep the area clean and provided her with a spray and cone for Ziggy. Boudreau also administered antibiotics. However, the situation took a horrifying turn when Ziggy began bleeding from his nose uncontrollably.

While trying to understand the cause of the bleeding, she began examining the dog. Shockingly, she discovered a small BB pellet lodged under a sore. Upon closer examination, she found another BB pellet. It became clear that Ziggy was the victim of a cruel attack. But who was the unknown assailant?

Children identified in dog shooting case

Boudreau shared her story with local news. Soon, a friend of her daughter confessed that she and a 7-year-old boy intentionally harmed Ziggy.

“She said that her friend — the boy showed her the BB gun that he got from his mother on his birthday and they I guess were like, ‘Come on, let’s go,’” Boudreau told KHON 2. “At first she said he wasn’t shooting him with a BB gun that he was coming into the yard and he was kicking him.”

Unfortunately, since the beginning of this nightmare, Boudreau has discovered even more BB gun wounds. She now believes that the abuse “happened more than a few times.”

According to KHON 2, Hawaii Police Department detectives spoke with the boy’s family. It is unknown if the authorities will take further action.

“This whole process has been so traumatizing,” Boudreau wrote in an update. “To not feel safe in our own home while someone thinks it’s okay to shoots [sic] BB pellets not only at Ziggy but at our home where my children play outside infuriates me.”

Dog mom raises almost $10K for veterinary bills

Despite veterinary treatment, Ziggy’s condition continues to decline. The medical bills for Ziggy’s treatment are expected to surpass $10,000. That total may even inch closer to $20,000 if he does not improve soon. Ziggy’s treatment would be impossible for Boudreau – a stay-at-home mother of five children – to afford. So, in a heartfelt plea to those who may be able to help, the dog mom established a GoFundMe. She humbly asked for help from the community to pay for Ziggy’s veterinary care.

Thus far, the fundraiser has raised almost $10,000.

“Thank you thank you thank you for all of your overwhelming love for our Ziggy!” Boudreau wrote in an update. “Our family is so eternally grateful for each and every donation, share and prayer. To everyone who donated to this and to whoever donated directly to the vet so that he could be immediately seen last night with the total deposit we are in debt to you forever,” she wrote.

She concluded, “Please keep praying for him.”


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