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Dog Shot & Killed in North Carolina, Owners Demand Justice


Easter Sunday celebrations turned sour for a woman in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Her beloved dog, a Goldendoodle, was tragically shot. Despite being rushed to an emergency veterinarian in Charlotte, the dog didn’t survive and succumbed to his injuries. 

Goldendoodle shot and killed by neighbor in North Carolina

Morgan Dean recently recounted the harrowing ordeal. Her dog, Ruger, was shot while playing in their backyard on Easter Sunday, as per WBTV. After enjoying a few moments capturing Easter memories with her family, Dean went to search for her dog. However, the search turned into a nightmare as she discovered him in the neighbor’s yard, and heard the distressing sound of gunfire. 

Dean said, “Everyone’s told us that they don’t even know how he made it 45 minutes to the vet because he was hit with a buckshot.”  

As it turns out, Dean’s neighbor, Brenda Howard, was the one who shot Ruger. Howard admitted to shooting him upon spotting him near her chicken coop. 

In Howard’s words, “The brown dog was down here killing and eating my chicken. And I have the carcass that he didn’t get to eat.” 

She mentioned that Ruger had trespassed into her backyard multiple times before. Moreover, she expressed her intention to clarify her perspective following threats from individuals who learned about the incident on social media. 

Surveillance cameras installed on her property recorded instances of Ruger and other dogs belonging to the Dean family going onto her premises on multiple occasions in the past. Howard asserts that she has brought this recurring issue to the attention of both the Dean family and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on numerous occasions. Additionally, she claims the sheriff’s department advised her to take action and shoot Ruger. 

Meanwhile, Dean mentioned that she and her family move to the property approximately a month ago. In that time, they haven’t been able to erect a fence around their home. This has been due to a family member’s illness. 

The authorities in Lincolnton are currently investigating the matter.


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