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Dog Shot in Boston Apartment Building Dies


A Massachusetts dog mom is mourning the loss of her pup. The dog was shot, seemingly at random, in the woman’s apartment building in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

Boston police called to scene where dog was shot

According to Boston.com, police received a call on Thursday afternoon about shots fired at 279 Centre Street. While en route to the apartment building, dispatch informed the officers that a dog had been shot as a result.

Officers arrived on the scene around 4:17 p.m. On the fifth floor of the building, they found ballistic evidence in the hallway. Specifically, they recovered two ballistic fragments and three 380-caliber shell casings.

While police surveyed the scene, a woman summoned the officers into her apartment. She showed them her dog, who was unresponsive. The dog had multiple gunshot wounds.

According to a police report, the woman said she and her dog exited the elevator. Then, they were descending the stairs toward her apartment. Suddenly, the woman heard “a loud bang.” The dog took off running down the stairs. Two more bangs ensued.

The dog mom grabbed her fur baby and rushed back to her apartment. Then, she realized the dog was wounded. According to NBC 10 Boston, the dog has since died due to the injuries.

Surprisingly, during this whole ordeal, the woman never saw a shooter. However, there were three juveniles at home at the time of the shooting. Police are investigating.

Why gunshot wounds are often fatal to dogs

Gunshot wounds, like the ones that befell this dog shot in Boston, can be fatal to dogs for several critical reasons. Firstly, bullets cause immediate tissue damage and bleeding upon impact. Bullets can also disrupt vital organs and blood vessels. This can lead to rapid blood loss, shock, and compromised oxygen supply. When this happens, death often results within minutes.

Secondly, the high-velocity impact of bullets can shatter bones and cause severe internal injuries. Infection risk is also significant, as bullets carry contaminants into the body, increasing the chances of sepsis.

Prompt veterinary care is crucial. But even with intervention, the extent of damage and potential complications often makes gunshot wounds a life-threatening emergency for dogs.


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